Our Vision 

We are creating a movement of collaborators, who empower each other, co-create solutions for loneliness and encourage new initiatives. Together we work and think beyond age groups, language barriers, socio-economic backgrounds, gender and ethnicity to create a world, where everyone finds belonging and togetherness.

We believe everyone deserves help to find healthy and meaningful connections and has a right of belonging. We are inspired by initiatives and change makers around the world tackling loneliness and believe their collaborations hold the key to overcome loneliness once and for all!

We are connecting the thought leaders and initiatives most effectively tackling loneliness and forging human connections. 

By putting them in the spotlight and helping them to share their knowledge, we can shift our societies, businesses and communities towards more meaningful connections and togetherness.

The Togetherness Hub provides the global platform, structure and tools for empowering individuals and initiatives to most effectively collaborate and co-create towards a more human-centric and connected society. We’re doing this by creating conferences, hackathons, mentorship programs and webinars as well as lobbying towards more accessible funding.

Meet the Team

Ráhel Herczeg

"I have two feet on the ground, but my head in the sky."

Ráhel can’t be easily put into a box. On one hand she is a renowned expert in the fields of International Business Development & Digital Innovations, who had touch points with a variety of large corporations as well as innovative startups during her professional career at SAP. Her ability to translate between business and technology is unique. On the other hand her curiosity, empathy and eagerness to actively listen to those around her, have always taken her out of the business world and fueled her passion to solve the gordian knots of this world - this time it's loneliness.

Jannis Kuhlencord

"I am passionate about intense human connections, empowering those around me and skipping small-talk."

Jannis is a community expert from Germany. Since a young age he has taken leadership roles in international organizations and projects. As part of the European Youth Parliament he has worked with young talents from all across Europe – always aiming for intercultural understanding and collaboration. In 2016 he shifted his focus towards empowering local innovators and researchers by providing them with a stage and international visibility. As a result he joined the TEDx family and founded TEDxHeidelberg.

Traci Ruble

"I am living out my calling to ignite people into connectors who live more successful and meaningful lives."

Traci is a relationship expert. She has been working with individuals and couples for over sixteen years in California and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, and NPR. She is currently working on her first book on intimacy at home and at work. Traci also founded and leads a global human connection project called Sidewalk Talk where over 7.000 listeners sit on sidewalks in over 92 locations across 15 countries offering to listen about anything and heal our lonely and divided world.  Sidewalk Talk was recently featured in Oprah Magazine.

Maleen Gerckens

„If I learned one thing in advertisement - there is always a story to a picture. Who am I and who are you?“

Maleen can only be described as a highly-functional perfectionist, with the incredible talent to breath life into ideas quickly. Having worked for some of the leading advertising agencies in Germany, she knows how our perception can be shaped for the better or worse. Guided by curiosity, she’ll soak up new and exciting information within seconds and loves to learn new things. She is passionate about helping those around her flourish and uses her projects to nudge society towards a more sustainable and empathetic future.