Togetherness Hub Community

Help us build the world’s most passionate group of Social Health Professionals and take your impact to the next level.

Digital infrastructure which 
allows virtual collaboration

Tools and best practices 
for successful co-creation

Learn from well-established 
national strategies 

We collect together the latest research on loneliness & human connection and make it accessible

 Learn about new solutions 
& intervention schemes

Gathered list of the best 
international events 

 Meet others during our 
newcomer events

Outlook:  Festival 2022

Still not convinced? There's more!

Coming in late 2021: Find a mentor within our 
community to learn & grow

Find a sparring partner 
via our buddy system

Events & experts are being 
visualized on a world map

Search for events & experts 
based on relevant filters

Make yourself and/or your 
events visible to others

Work together with 
likeminded individuals

Test your hypothesis in 
dialogue with others via forums
and working groups

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