Togetherness Challenge

It's time to stop talking and instead create solutions together

Let's roll up our sleeves and get active – 
we solve loneliness right now!

Prior to our Virtual Festival "Collaboroation & Togetherness", a 3-weeks long challenge will take place, which allows teams from around the world to develop bold solutions for some of the most pressing aspects of loneliness. 
More information will be announced soon!

I am interested to be a mentor

You're passionate about supporting & empowering others?
You're happy to consult & share your expertise?
You're willing to take a step back & help others to stand in the spotlight?

Great - let's shape the world together!

I am interested to be a participant

You're passionate about solving large problems?
You're happy to dive head-first into an international process of co-creation?
You're willing to take over responsibility and actively work towards a better future?

Great - let's shape the world together!