Our pack is not complete yet – any lonely wolf out there aka Co-Founder?

Born during the uprising of Covid-19 and the decline of real-life, social connections – our baby slowly started to walk.

We didn’t want to sit still anymore and created the Togetherness Hub, a platform intended to empower and connect the practitioners around the world, who are fighting loneliness and social isolation. 

While we’re already working with researchers and initiatives from 10 countries (USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, France & Denmark), we’re now applying for grants and accelerator programs and would like to onboard a third co-founder.Who are we looking for?

  • You are passionate to have a lasting & positive impact on people’s lives
  • You wish for a high-paced journey full or learning, vulnerability and ownership
  • You might be currently described internally as a human „KitchenAid“ 
  • You have a background connected to health care and/or psychology 
  • You could imagine committing full time to a new project (let’s discuss conditions separately)
  • You want to create a more human-centric society

What you can expect from working with us?

  • An international work environment
  • Interesting projects like Hackathons, Festivals, …
  • A strong set of values, which is integrated into our DNA
  • Seniority (not measured in age or hierarchy) 
  • Tell us! You can shape the work environment and culture as well!
  • If you want fruits, we buy you fruits!

If you’re interested to hear more, please don’t waste your time on original and creative ways to reach out to us – just drop us a message.

Sending sunshine,
Rahel & Jannis